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Orchestra and Chorus
If you are interested in playing in the orchestra or singing in the chorus, please submit an online application. Although we cannot guarantee a place, we are always happy to hear from people who would like to come and join us! 

Easter orchestra
Summer orchestra
Easter chorus
Summer chorus

Our festivals can only happen thanks to the help of volunteer cooks, coffee helpers and stage crew. Many volunteers return year after year, drawn by the chance to attend festival concerts free of charge, a raft of new friends and the lure of a Cornish "holiday". Many of our volunteers are students. Contact us to apply to work as a volunteer. 





For further information please contact:

Summer Festival
Artistic Directors Roderick Williams and Joely Koos
Artistic Manager
Chairman Bruce O'Brien

Easter Festival
Co-chairs Katy Thomson & Suzanne Doyle
Administrator Vicky Rutherford

Festival Friends
Secretary Sarah Priday